Message from the President

Meeting the challenges of tomorrow with "proactive creativity," and paving the way to a new future for the aerospace industry

Presently, the aerospace industry is expanding on a global scale, and national projects are underway also aimed at building cornerstone industries in this field. However, competition in the global marketplace is intensifying, and developing the technical capabilities and price competitiveness required to take on the world is a challenge we need to meet.

With these market conditions in view, Kaga Sangyo is maximizing our strengths as an industry-unique "fabless company," in order to provide strong support for the production of internationally competitive aircraft. To this end, together with over 150 cooperating companies we are constructing an integrated system that handles everything from procurement of materials right through to quality assurance. Our keywords of "functionality" — taking advantage of this extensive network, and "agility" – proactive problem-solving – together mean we can provide not only full turnkey service, but also high-level support for a range of technological and cost requirements. We have constructed the "Kaga Cluster" to further strengthen this fabless cooperation, and are also working to strengthen our organizational capabilities in order that each function can work together, through measures such as building an even more tightly-knit production network.

Japan is a nation build upon technology, and having established itself as a world-class leader in the aerospace industry is becoming a leader in the global marketplace. So that we can help make this national dream a reality, we are continuing to push ourselves while embracing our corporate philosophy of "proactive creativity," paving the way to a new future.

President Osamu Mizoguchi

President Osamu Mizoguchi

Corporate Philosophy

A fabless company that maximizes
customer satisfaction through
functionality and agility

From a demand-driven
to a demand-creation architecture
Our mission is to approach a "demand creation" business in relation to proactively
solving problems from the development field using the twin approach of functionality
and agility as a "fabless company," and thereby maximizing customer satisfaction.

Corporate Policy

Proactive Creativity
To demonstrate functionality and agility, and to challenge ourselves in new fields. To fortify both offense and defense with the spirit of "proactive creativity."

Corporate Principles

High awareness of issues
Maintenance of the status quo will always end in failure. We always maintain an awareness of breaking through the status quo.
Constant creative originality
Before stating a reason why something cannot be done, we fully commit to finding a method by which it can be done.
Rapid execution
We do it immediately, do it without fail, and do it until we succeed.
Continual growth
The company will not develop without fostering growth in our employees. We pay attention to ongoing self development.
Thoroughness in reporting,
contacting and consultating
A delayed response is the greatest risk. We provide rapid reporting, contacting and consultation.