Aviation equipment component assembly, GSE/ tool manufacturing

For both civil and military aircraft, we provide aerospace equipment, GSE and JIGs from design, material procurement, parts processing up to assembly including quality assurance.

We also provide high-level products with high dimensional accuracy to meet the characteristics and demands of each component, including bonding, sewing, adhesion, sealing, welding, and surface treatment for all types of materials such as metals, resins, and textiles.

Assembly support work

01Interface measurement


Noncontact three-dimensional shape measuring machine

Measurement Point

Wing tip / Nacelle / Wing body

02Seal adhesion inspection

Inside and outside of the fuel tank for main wing

Number of inspection
About 18,000 /
a wing
Inspection Time
About 80-90 hours / a wing

03FO (Foreign Object)

・Foreign object inspection after aqua wash
・Pre-shipment foreign object inspection (Foreign Object Check)

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*Due to confidentiality agreements with our customers, the actual product has been changed in shape and dimensions.